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Basic Technician in Computing &  Information Technology (BTCCIT)
Information technology through the use of computers has come as a storm, and is affecting every aspect of human life. But whereas in the developed world this technology has been wholly embraced, in the developing world much has yet to be done. In Tanzania, although the technology is now generally acknowledged, its use leaves much to be desired. Much of the work in most offices is still being carried out manually.

Even in those offices with computers, limited tasks have been computerized. Much of the blame could also be placed on lack of expertise in software and information technology systems.  It is for this reason, IAA introduced the Certificate in Information Technology so as to address the shortage of the Junior IT specialists in most of the working places. Nevertheless, the course is also aimed at preparing the participants on their way to pursue further studies in IT field.  The Institute has invested heavily in of physical IT facilities, academic staff, teaching materials and equipment.


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